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P31.25 DIP Outdoor Led Module 4R2G2B Traffic Full Color Led Display Panel 250×250

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P31.25 DIP Outdoor Led Module 4R2G2B Traffic Full Color Led Display Panel 250x250

P31.25 DIP Outdoor Led Module 4R2G2B Traffic Full Color Led Display Panel 250×250
Nichia Epistar Cree RGB LED Chip Lamp
NovaStar LED Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 6800nits – 10000nits
Product Description: P31.25 outdoor LED display module DIP full color led Module

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P31.25 DIP Outdoor Led Module 4R2G2B Traffic Full Color Led Display Panel 250×250 P31.25 Outdoor 4R2G2B LED Display Module DIP full color led waterproof IP65

Pixel Pitch 31.25mm
Pixel configuration 4R2G2B
LED Arrangement DIP546 LED
Module Dimension 250×250mm
Module Resolution 8×8pixels
Drive mode static scan
Brightness(CD/M2) 6000
Data interface HUB40
Input voltage 5V

1) Taiwan Epistar LED chip, with super-high brightness LED, high contrast.
2) A-class LED display module frame and mask, which could endual harsh weather.
3) Fiberglass green enviromental PCB with 18mil thickness copper plating.
4) High frame frequency, wide view angle with excellent visibility and good performance.
5) With module development and distributed scan technology, high reliability.
6) Universal DC input / full range.
7) IP65 protection level, outdoor solution.
8) PC synchronous or asynchronous control (optional).
9) Use common video play software, easy to use.
10) Quick and easy assembly and disassembly.
11) High brighness and refreshrate.
12) 5 years warranty.

Led panel module widely used in advertising LED displays, stadium perimeter LED screen, mobile led display for mobile media, shopping mall LED billboard for logo showing, bank & stock exchange LED message signs for rates showing, train & bus station, airport, telecommunication LED video wall system forinformation showing and instruction, Stage performances ect.

P31.25 Outdoor 4R2G2B LED Display Module Leeman led display panel manufacturers DIP546 250*250mm

1.Perfect Display Effect:
● High brightness and clearly led display effect with easy use control system which allow you easy become enviable led display experts.
● High intensity and can be adjusted, so can meet the request of the customers according the application environment.
● To pictures and character, have clear, exquisite and real display effect.
● Big viewing angle to 120-150 degree at horizontal line, 120-150 degree at vertical line, you can see at every angle at this range, no picture change, no color excursion.

2.High quality
● Best equality, have the excellent consistency of light.
● Can repair each led lamps, so the cost of maintain is lower, and easy to repair.
● Our most basic guarantee: the aging time exceeding 48 hours. Malfunction dot rate less than 0.0002. MTBF more than 5000 hours. And the EPISTAR assuring high brightness and long lifespan.

China P31.25mm LED Display Module China P31.25 LED Weatherproof Curtain Display Module Custom P31.25 Rgb LED Curtain Outdoor Advertising P31.25 outdoor LED display module DIP full color led  p31.25 led display module

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