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Outdoor P31.25 LED Strip Video Screen LED Display Manufacturer

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Outdoor P31.25 LED Strip Video Screen LED Display Manufacturer

Outdoor P31.25 LED Strip Video Screen
Cree Epistar DIP RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 7500nits – 10,000nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 9600Hz
Product Description: led building media facade lighting curtain wall, led media facade curtain

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Outdoor P31.25 LED Strip Video Screen LED Display Manufacturer | Outdoor seen-through led curtain led mesh transparent LED Media Facade Display Screen | P25 Outdoor led video media facade screens | P3.125 curtain LED Display Screen | P37.5 Strip grille curtain LED Display screen

Outdoor Led Curtain Display or integrated strip curtain led screen, the LED technology integrated into stripes and then into a cabinet frame can meet the exact requirements of Video media facade. However, the outdoor LED Curtain display has a high demands on the durability of the material.

Fuctions of Outdoor strip curtain: no fan design , louver design, high permeability, front installation and maintenance,low power ,high efficicent energy-conservation.

Grille curtain display has broken the restriction of ordinary display, which gives a visual sense to attract people’s eyballs. It’s the symbol of LED industry and also promotes the prosperity of LED display.

Aluminum material and light weight(only 7.5KG-11KG)

Outdoor strip curtain supports front and back maintenance. According to the structure of the building, designers can choose the installation of landscape orientation and longitudinal direction, and also avoide windage.

Outdoor grille curtain owes the following performances:hollow out design, light permeability and transparency (up to 80%) and strong anti-wind pressure.

Extra-high brightness, P15.625 P20 P25 P31.25 series can be up to 8000 cd/㎡-10000 cd/㎡,adopted by high-end DIP lamp.

Ultra-low power consumption can save more energy and also can protect environment well. Power consumption is as low as 160W per square meter without traditonal cooling system and air-conditioning.

Single cabient has been acheived IP65 waterproof,fireproof ,dust proof,high temerpature, lowe temperature, lightning protection and corrosive prevention.

We can save more installation costs with simple steel frame , easy to installation.

The quality of our Outdoor strip curtain is better than the ordinary one. Our products are adaptable to all weather operations, and also has vivid color , high refresh frequency, electrostatic prevention and high heat dissipation.

Simple operation and high controllability. Not only can connect with computer, graphic card, remote transceiver, but also remote cluster wireless control, replacing content at any time.

Dot Style Media Facade, Strip Style Media Facade, HD LED Strip Curtain Media Mesh, Glass LED Display Media Mesh Specifications Parameters

Product Technology Parameters 
LEDs1R1G1B / RGB 3in1
Pixel pitch31.25mm
Unit sizeL500×H1500mm
Unit strip qty16 pcs
Unit resolution16×48 dots
Unit directionVertical Horizontal
Transparency rate0.69
Max consumption300W/㎡
Adv consumption100W/㎡
Viewing angleH100°/V60°
Protection levelIP67
Tube structure1 row, 1 columns.
Tube width11mm
Install depth150mm
Heat dissipationConvective heat dissipation
Wind dissipaionLevel 12
Power supplyPower supply with PFC
InstallationFast install
Fire safety10S/unit
Fire resistanceFull VO grade
Control modesteady state
Color temperature3200-9300K
Refresh rate60Hz
Working temperature-40℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature-55℃ to 120℃
Life time≥100,000 hours
Input voltageAC110-220V
Grey grade16bit
Seismic capability10 ~ 500Hz, 5G 12min./1cycle, period for 72min. each along X, Y, Z axes
EMCConduction Emission EN55022 CLASS-A、Harmonic Current IEC61000-3-2 Class-A

P10 full color transparent LED media facade mesh Flexible LED Mesh Screen LED Mesh Curtain Screen Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade SCREEN   LED Media Facade Lighting  Transparent Media Facade led curtain outdoor media facade led curtain outdoor media facade led curtain outdoor media facade Outdoor Transparent LED Media Facade

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