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Outdoor Electronic Digital Football Match Sports Scoreboard P4

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Outdoor Electronic Digital Football Match Sports Scoreboard P4

Outdoor Electronic Digital Football Match Sports Scoreboard P4
NationStar Gold Wire SMD3535 RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 7500nits – 10000nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 9600Hz
Product Description: LED Electronic Stadium Football Scoreboard with Score and Time Display

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LeemanLED software makes it easy to celebrate exciting plays with our exclusive Player Accolade feature. With the tap of one button, our software generates an animation that bursts across your video scoreboard.

Our exclusive Dynamic Leaderboard feature is a favorite of fans, coaches, and players alike. Our software automatically updates the leaderboard throughout the game and features names and player photos alongside the stats.

Powering your video scoreboard with LeemanDisplay software allows you to easily showcase a variety of hype videos and other fan engagement content to excite the crowd and set the tone for your game-day atmosphere.

Keep track of scores and player stats, highlight amazing plays with our player accolade feature, and showcase stats with our dynamic leaderboard. Only with LeemanLEDDisplay software and video scoreboards for basketball.

Highlight exciting digs, blocks, spikes, and aces with our player accolade feature, showcase player stats with our dynamic leaderboard, and easily keep track of scores with LeemanLEDDisplay software and video scoreboards for volleyball.

Track individual and team match scoring, names and colors, wrestler names and weight classes, and critical period, clock, and match information with LeemanDisplay software and video scoreboards for wrestling. We offer two wrestling apps optimized for dual scoring and tournament scoring.

Easily keep score of badminton matches with LeemanLED software and video scoreboards for badminton.

Sports LED Display Advantages:
1. Silicon rubber is chosen for waterproof protector. This material has high thermostability. We design three-protectors structure for waterproof.
2, The mask is designed with high capacity of impact resistence. Buffering arc-surface ‘structure is applied for the mask shelter It can defuse the impact football, tennis ball and players.
3. New structure design. It can meet the needs of rental, perimeter and fix installation. This multi-functional cabinets makes the new items easily and conveniently applied in different occasions. And this structure make the seam of cabinets connection much small. During hanging.

LED electronic football scoreboards football stadium perimeter led screen display Technical Specifications Features

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