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Novastar TB1-4G LED Screen Video Controller Box LED Multimedia Player

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Novastar TB1-4G LED Screen Video Controller Box LED Multimedia Player

Novastar TB1-4G LED Screen Video Controller Box LED Multimedia Player
NovaStar LED Sending Card MSD300 / MSD600
NovaStar LED Receiver Card MRV366 / MRV336 / MRV328 / MRV216 / MRV210 / MRV208 / MRV300-1

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Novastar TB1-4G LED Screen Video Controller Box LED Multimedia Player, Novastar Taurus Series LED Display Controller TB8 TB6 TB3 LED Multimedia Player Novastar,TB1-4G/TB2-4G/TB3/TB4/TB6/TB8 LED Player Novastar Taurus Series Multimedia Player

NovaStar LED Controller Card System Synchronous and asynchronous
NovaStar Taurus Series LED Display Controller TB1 / TB2 / TB3 / TB4 / TB6 / TB8 / TB10 LED Multimedia Player
NovaStar LED Sending Card MSD300 / MSD600
NovaStar LED Receiver Card MRV366 / MRV336 / MRV328 / MRV216 / MRV210 / MRV208 / MRV300-1
NovaStar LED Receiver Card DH418 / DH426 / DH7512 / DH436 / DH7516 / AT20 / AT30
NovaStar A10s/ Plus / A9s / A8s / A8 / A7s / A7 / A5 / A5s / A4s LED Receiving Card of Armor Series
NovaStar MCRTL4K / MCTRLR5 / MCTRL1600 / MCTRL660 PRO / MCTRL660 / MCTRL600 / MCTRL300 / MCTRL700 4K LED Sender Box
NovaStar V1260 / V1060 / V960 / V900 / V760 / V700 LED Video Processor
NovaStar Multi-picture splicer VS0 /VS1 / VS2 / VS3 / VS5 / VS7
NovaStar NovaPro UHD / NovaPro HD / VX6s / VX4S-N / VX4U / VX400s VX2U All-In-One Series LED Video Processor Controller
NovaStar Addessories Multifunction Card MFN300 / MFB300-B / Monitoring Card MON300 / Ambient Brightness Sensor NS060 / Fiber Converter CVT310 / CVT320 / Ambient Temperature Sensor MTH310 / Splitter DIS-300 / Fiber Converter CVT4K-S / Fiber converter CVT-Rack
NovaStar Software SmartLCT Mac
NovaStar Software VPlayer User Manual
NovaStar Software NovaLCT LED Configuration Tool User Manual
NovaStar Software ViPlex Express
NovaStar Software Async Mode User Manual
NovaStar Software Studio Mode User Manual

Novastar Taurus TB8 LED Controller Card BOX TB6 TB3 Multimedia Players box Nova Taurus Series:

The multimedia players of this series by NovaStar are a recently introduced set of VDC series. These VDC’s serve as a next-generation and highly advanced appliance. Now, what adds more to its advanced making is the powerful performance, secure and stable working, and the availability of the diverse Leeman LED display solution for all the users. Altogether, you can easily say that this series is a highly advanced option for the best VDC models to enhance your LED screens display performance.

Adding more to its usage, the advanced Taurus Series serves as a reliable and suitable option for using on digital signage’s, fixed installation screens, and even pole outdoor led screens. So you can easily rely on the Taurus Series to avail an unmatched option for all your smart display systems functioning and application settings on them including; advertising, digital signboards, commercial displays, and even Smart Cities.

Sounds like the best option for you LED and business display screens, right? Well then, let’s go ahead and discuss each of the models in this series below.

Novastar Tb1-4G:
This Novastar Tb1-4G serves as a highly reliable VDC option for all your advanced video playing and controlling needs. Some of its main features include higher processing speed and a comprehensive control solution. With this, you can easily manage better results of video graphics, while being able to manage the settings accordingly. Additionally, this model also includes a support Wi-Fi AP connection that allows you to stay connected to the internet and explore various video playing options. Lastly, the support for 650,000-pixel loading capacity of this VDC ensures that you gain the best quality graphical result on the screen.

Novastar TB2-4G:
Similar to the previous model, the Novastar TB2-4G also has a few main features that are relatable. From the support for Wi-Fi AP connection to the comprehensive control solution and high processing performance, all allow you to make the most out of the speedy, smooth, and efficient performance of this model too. However, adding more to this, you also gain the support of synchronous and asynchronous dual mode. Hence, nothing is stopping you from transferring media easily on the Leeman LED screen for the best usage. And yes, the support for 650,000-pixel loading capacity in this one is a feature you can make the most with.

Novastar TB3:
Now if you’re looking for a more advanced and efficient model, then this Novastar TB3 would certainly serve you rightly. With the similar basic features of the loading capacity of up to 650,000 pixels, this one also includes a maximum width of 4096 pixels and a maximum height of 1920 pixels. Altogether, you can say that this VDC would serve you efficiently on even larger and complex screens – with the best of performance. Additionally, it includes a wired Gigabit Ethernet, a stereo audio output, a USB port, and an onboard light sensor connector.

Novastar TB4:
Similar to the previous models, TB4 also has basic features that add more to the usage ease and video setting options including; Wi-Fi AP connection support, supporting of the synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode, comprehensive control program, and a strong processing performance overall. Additionally, you also gain the support for multi-screen synchronous playback with this model.

Novastar TB6:
Are you looking for a VDC with essential features along with extraordinary performance? Then this one having 1,300,000 pixels loading capacity with a width of 4096 and height of 1920 pixels each; is certainly the best option for you. Additionally, the presence of all the essential Taurus Series features like onboard light sensor connector, HDMI input, an auto full-screen display, etc.; all enhance its overall performance.

Novastar TB8:
Do you want the same Taurus Series features in this TB8 model too? Well then, you have them all here. But what makes this exceptional then? Well, it’s the addition of 4 Ethernal ports and the amazing 2,300,000 pixels loading capacity support. With this, you’ll surely forget the old-school video displaying results.


Now all of these VDC of Novastar’s Taurus Series are highly efficient, reliable, and powerful in their work. But it’s important to ensure that you choose the right one according to your business needs and LED/commercial screens requirements. So choose wisely!

Novastar TB1-4G/TB2-4G/TB3/TB4/TB6/TB8 LED Player Novastar TB8 Taurus Series Multimedia Player Novastar TB6 Taurus Series Multimedia Player Novastar Taurus Series LED Display Controller TB8 TB6 TB3 Novastar Taurus Series LED Display Controller TB8 TB6 Novastar Taurus Series LED Display Controller TB6 Novastar TB4 Dual Mode Digital LED Player Novastar Taurus Series TB1 Multimedia Player

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