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Linsn TS852D TS952 LED Sender Box

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Linsn TS852D TS952 LED Sender Box

Linsn TS852D TS952 LED Sender Box
Linsn LED Video Processor X8216 / X8212 / X8208 / X100 / X1000 / X2000 / X8000 / S100 / S3000
Linsn TS952 LED Display Sender Box TS16 TS12 TS08 TS952Plus TS962 3D260 TS951 TS952 TS921 TS852D DS852D

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Linsn TS852D TS952 LED Sender Box, Linsn TS852D LED Display Sender Box TS16 TS12 TS08 TS952Plus TS962 3D260 TS951 TS952 TS921 TS852D DS852D, Linsn TS952 Plus LED Sending Box LED Display Screen

TS852D LED controller box has TS802D sending card inside it, its function is the same as TS802D sending card:
1. 852 sending card including full-color sending card TS852 and dual-color sending card DS852.
Full-color sending card supports full-color, dual-color and single color led display
Dual-color sending card supports dual-color and single color led display.
2. 852 sending card max supports 2048*640
3. Supporting display mode: 640*480 800*600 1024*768 1280*768 1280*800 1280*1024 1440*900 1440*1080 1600*1200 1680*1050 1728*1296 1920*1080 1920*1200 2048*1152 2048*1280
4. Audio Transmission Function 802 sending card sends audio data using network cable, and Function board outputs audio signals to the display.
Double 24bits 64KHZ hi-fi digital signal to analog signal or analog signal to digital signal, making display have the perfect video effect.
5. Cascade function
Through the dig switch on 802 sending card, several 802 sending cards can be easily cascaded to support a super large led display
6. Sending card U/D port flexibility for carrying half width or half height
For example, TS801 can max support 1280*1024 with two ports
A single network output port supports 1280*512 or 640*1024
7. Sending card rotation function
In Sender setting, sending card has 0, 90, 180, 270 degree rotation function
8. Sending card zoom in/out function
In Sender setting, the ratio of width and height can be set to realize zoom in or zoom out
9. Supporting 10-bit colors
The seventh supports 8-bit colors: 256*256*256=16777216 kinds of colors.
The eighth supports 10-bit colors: 1024*1024*1024=1073741824 kinds of colors. It needs to work with our video processors using the 30 bits TTL.
10. Multi-display synchronous and combination functions.
One sending card can control multi-displays, realizing displays combination, synchronous display, and independent play.

LINSN TS952 features are as following:
TS952PLUS is a sender box with four network ports, and supports single, double and full color LED screen.
It also supports 4K video source input and its maximum capacity is 2.6 million pixels.
It has the following features:
1. One Audio signal input;
2. One DVI video signal input;
3. One HDMI video signal input;
4. Supports 4K video source input;
5. Supports RCG file read-back function;
6. Supports RCG file broadcasting function;
7. Supports CON file broadcasting function;
8. Supports 12bit/10bit/8bit video input;
9. Supports 16bit grey scale;
10. With four network output ports, supportscommon video source, like 2560×1024, 1920×1200, 2048×1152, etc;
11. Supported video format:RGB, YCrCB4:2:2, YCrCb4:4:4;
12. Supports cascade function;
13. Supports brightness auto-adjustment (requires light sensor).

Features of LINSN TS962 4 Ethernet LED Screen LED Sending Box:
1) 1 DVI video signal input;
2) 1 HDMI signal input;
3) Support read card configuration file read back function;
4) Support receiving card configuration file broadcast function;
5) Support display connection broadcast function;
6) 1 audio input;
8) Support LCD LCD human-computer interaction.
9) Support knob to adjust the brightness of the large screen in real time.
10) No need for a computer to directly screen.
11) Support multi-machine cascade and unified control.
12) Support the external brightness probe to automatically adjust the brightness of the large screen.

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